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Sifo Dyas
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The Mandalorian Discussion Thread - * SPOILERS *
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9-Dec-2019, 2:10 PM

canofhumdingers said:

Yeah, we know. We’ve discussed it all already. Shogun Assassin is just a film compiled from parts of the first two Lone Wolf and Cub films, edited together for American theatrical release. Magnificent Seven is just “reused material” (to quote you) from Seven Samurai set in the American West rather than Feudal Japan.

Did you know Star Wars (1977) is just a bunch of standard hero and myth tropes jumbled together with a bit of fantasy, western, and samurai genres all blended together? Did you know Fistful of Dollars is just a spaghetti western remake of Yojimbo? Things reuse ideas from previous things. Omg! There’s a reason the word “tropes” exits…

The issue is, how well does THIS media execute those ideas? I thought episode 5 was possibly the weakest so far. I still liked it, but it definitely had some issues with the casting and maybe the directing imo. I still think episode 2 and 3 were the high point so far but this is still a very fun series! I’m sad we’ve got only, what, two more to go this season?

I didn’t know about this Yojimbo film, but I guess for a good reason.

If you reuse something you should make it better, as all of those pictures you mentioned here did.
Not only copy paste, like The Madalorian. They used the base material and reshaped it to something far better, that you can not even recognize, only after careful examination. That is why they become well known pictures, just as Star Wars (aka A New Hope), and were selected for preservation by The National Film Registry.
The Mandalorian does nothing but copy paste the basics, and leaves out the substance that made the original great. And everyone knows what was copied.
It is more like an Asylum production, instead of a part of a great franchise.

And do you really want to watch the budget version of some great movie, that every one recognizes right away, instead of something so creative and so interesting that you don’t even realize that you’ve seen this before, told in another way?

The only entertaining element in The Mandalorian is that it is placed in the Star Wars universe that we love.
If you read the positive comments, all you can find that every one loves to see Tatooine, the Jawas, or the baby that looks like Yoda 750 years ago.
Nobody talks about how great the story is. But shouldn’t that be the main thing?