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The Mandalorian Discussion Thread - * SPOILERS *
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8-Dec-2019, 7:56 PM

Anchorhead said:

SO nice to see Mos Eisley back to proper 1977 form. I thought this was a bit stronger than four. I liked four, but this was more my style of a lone bounty hunter. It remains to be seen what he plans on doing with the baby but he seems to want to leave it somewhere safe, as he was trying to do in the last episode.

I also think it was Mando going back for her at the end. If not her body, then something she may have been carrying that the other guy overlooked.

There was a nice shot of Mando on the Dewback that matches the picture on the bottom of my lunchbox. The original was used in other memorabilia back in 77. An obvious inspiration for the shot in this episode. I’m really digging that attention to detail. I don’t have my lunchbox handy, but I’ll take a pic when I can.

I’m not seeing the forced female agenda on this show at all. With the ST, yes, but I’m not bothered by it. With this show, I’m not getting that vibe at all.

I don’t think it was the Mando going back unless that last shot took place earlier in the episode. Just me though.

I agree not forced female agenda on this show (but disagree with the sequel trilogy; I don’t see it there either). There just happen to be female characters these past two episodes and they were all cool… just not as cool as Mando. It’s a big galaxy.

Finally, are you taking about the AMOUNT of people in Mos Eisley when you say it matches 1977? I figured people on this thread would be annoyed it matched the 1997 version of Mos Eisley as it was one more nail in the original versions’ coffins (or at least makes MY personal arguments that neither version is exclusive to each other with canon, other than “Maclunky” 😄) As for some who can enjoy either version, I was tickled to see Mos Eisley matched so well for it’s return to the Star Wars saga.

orchidal said:

My prediction is that the first 3 eps and maybe the last two eps (last 3 eps if I’m being optimistic) of this season are important to the narrative, while 4,5, and possibly 6 will serve as filler. Looking forward to a 2hr15min. fan edit of this season more than having to view this episodically tbh.

Maybe it’s filler, but it’s still entertaining and expands the universe. At least, at only 8 episodes, there’s time to make the filler episodes good (or at least I like them). I’m not sure we need a fanedit as you can skip the recaps for each episode and the credits after the beautiful art. Just me I guess 😃