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General Star Wars Random Thoughts Thread
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8-Dec-2019, 3:15 PM
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Rogue One - now we’re really getting to the good stuff. I love this movie to death! It’s not perfect, the ending gets a bit too convoluted for its own good. But I don’t care. This movie is mid 90’s EU come to life in the best possible way!

Speaking of the ending, I do think it could’ve been reworked a little to be less convoluted. There are two main issues.

First, the whole bit about “they’ve closed the shield and we’re trapped. But we can transmit the data. But we have to open the shield to do that, which would let us escape anyway…” I think this could’ve been easily handled by just saying “they’ve closed the shield, we’re trapped and have no way to get the plans out. They have to break the shield. We can transmit the plans to make sure they get out and then try to figure out a way off this planet.”

The second issue is the whole “master switch” business. They could’ve simplified this by having pretty much all the same events transpire, but with the goal simply being to run the cord from Bhodi’s ship to an imperial comm outpost so he can broadcast his message to the rebel fleet. No convoluted master switch business to muddy up the proceedings.

But it only took me watching the film a dozen times to come up with those ideas, so I don’t hold it against the filmmakers too much.

Otherwise I love this movie and everything about it. I rank it behind only Star Wars and ESB among the theatrical films.