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4K restoration on Star Wars
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7-Dec-2019, 12:16 AM

pat man said:

John Doom said:

:\ I thought the OT couldn’t look uglier than on dvd/blu-ray, but Disney somehow succeded in making it look even worse!

Raw special effect, not properly lit:

Paint it green! 😛

Here brightness is so high you can see this special effect’s corners:

Contrast is so bland you can see Luke’s hair and face don’t cast natural shadows under strong and direct sunlight:

Green-headed Leia! 😄

P.S.: I think I’ll stick with Harmy’s versions 😛

Yea They tried to match the color timing of all the saga films by what I’ve heard. If I remember the the original release of the 97SE (what these are sourced from) had contrast issues as well.
This is the first tine since the 97 release that an official release of the OT has had an “almost” correct color timing. Not great but better then the old 2004 master.

Also take in consideration that moonization’s HDR colors aren´t properly tone maped so they don’t look correct “as intended”. Even the Blu-ray footage looks oversaturated with raised black levels in his comparisons.