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Return of the Jedi - Saga edit (working on the 1080p version)
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5-Dec-2019, 6:23 AM
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5-Dec-2019, 9:39 AM
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Thank you for suggestions.
About DSII… I don’t know how to do it, lol. I’ll try.
About the shuttle… at first I kept it. But in the scene with the Emperor we dont see the shuttle actually “landing” in the hangar. It’s already there. You know… if I keep those shots, it cuts directly from the shuttle still in space, approaching the DS, to the shuttle already inside.

I liked the twin suns… I think it added more weight to those flat shots. But yeah… the lights don’t match.

EDIT: I re-added the shuttle approaching. The shot of the officer saying “Inform the commander that…” fixes the problem. And I moved the twin suns in the shots where you can see the upper sky.