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Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker - Discussion * SPOILER THREAD *
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The Rise of Skywalker Will Introduce New Force Powers’:-

We need less Force powers, not more. Disney is clueless.

Showing various type of force powers through the Star Wars films has occurred before Disney got involved.

Yes indeed…and not to the benefit of the franchise. The Force has been far too powerful since ESB.

So really your post was just another excuse to bash on Disney for something that you had issues with… long before Disney actually got involved with making Star Wars films.

An excuse? No. A reason? Yes.

So really your post was just another ‘reason’ to bash on Disney for something that you had issues with… long before Disney actually got involved with making Star Wars films.

Fixed for you.

If Disney chooses not to correct what I perceive as flaws in the conception of the Star Wars Universe, flaws that I consider diminish both a suspension of disbelief and a shrinking of potential storylines, then I am comfortable with my “bashing”. The Force needs to be toned down in power so that our heroes seem vulnerable. Disney will not do this because SW has become all about wish fulfillment fantasies of children and teenagers - or those with the equivalent mindset. No offence intended to you personally.

A shame you didn’t just write the above in your opening post on the issue instead of the irrelevant and somewhat nonsensical dig at Disney you initially posted.

Star Wars has always tried to appeal to wish fulfillment fantasies of the young - and much more besides. I imagine that’s a considerable reason why many have became fans.

No offence taken.

A fair response, but look at the difference between Luke and Rey. In SW77 Luke loses his family, his mentor, and his best friend. So he gains “power”, like all children and teens wish, BUT AT A GREAT COST. Rey loses nothing (except respect for Luke Skywalker). Perhaps there is a thread of something in TLJ - she loses a belief that she is anyone special, right? But wait, she is super awesome with the force, so she actually is something special afterall. Huh? What?

Luke wants to learn about the ways of The Force - in part because his revered father did, he had nothing left on Tatooine after his family is killed - and in part because of the call to adventure.

Rey comes from nothing (apparently) - no family, no mentor, no friends - and no wish to have these powers within her that have awakened (in TFA). She wants to wait on Jakku for her ‘family’ to return to her. In fact she runs away from the call to adventure and the situation it has led her to (upon Luke’s lightsabre calling to her) and responsibilities that will entail - plus weight of them too.

The ‘super awesome with the force’ trope is something I just don’t see in Rey and what has occurred onscreen.

For me if she were ‘super awesome with the force’…

she would not have been so easily captured by Kylo upon her running away, needed to read to Kylo’s mind during her interrogation to learn some of these powers (or the mind-trick at least), nor lost the later fight vs Kylo before ‘letting the Force in’, Snoke wouldn’t be throwing her around like a ragdoll in his throneroom, nor have to have relied on Kylo betraying and killing Snoke to save her from execution, and she would not have needed to team up with Kylo to defeat the Imperial Guards after killing Snoke - something she struggled with during the fight. Pulling that 'sabre from Kylo wouldn’t be much of a problem either.

Her knowledge and understanding of The Force would also be better than it was in TLJ (and Luke training her and having to even explain the basics - ‘everything she just said was wrong’, y’know… 😉) - which again was far from ‘super awesome with the force’.

It would have been Rey who would have been her that saved the Resistance on Crait with her ‘super awesome with the force’ abilities to save or even defeat the FO - and not Luke sacrificing himself to buy them just enough time to escape with their lives to live another day…

Seems obvious to me Rey had total respect for Luke Skywalker - frustrated and confused why he wouldn’t leave the island and join her in the fight - sure. Yet full on respect for Luke is there - maybe viewing the end scenes of TLJ again will underline this.

As I’ve said before, this trilogy is incomplete… and we may well yet receive an explanation (or more understanding) of how Rey came to have that ‘Something inside me has always been there, but now it’s awake and I need help’, the dreams of familiar places etc, in TROS.

But Rey being ‘super awesome with the force’? No, that just hasn’t happened for me. YMMV.


Anyway, this is not a place to rehash previous circular and oft-repeated debates that have taken place in the TFA/TLJ or more relevant character threads etc - this thread is for discussing Episode IX itself; so let’s get back on topic.