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The Rise of Skywalker box office results: predictions and expectations
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3-Dec-2019, 8:15 PM

Rodney-2187 said:

Many planning on skipping it would likely change their minds if word-of-mouth is overwhelmingly positive.

I’m gonna skip it no matter what. TFA sucked, in my opinion, to the point i have not and will not see TLJ. Even if the last one turns out to be amazing, it would just be the cherry on top of a pile of crap. I cannot bring myself to consume or accept the entire thing or even parts of it. The ST is non-existent from my view of the SW Galaxy and prefer it to remain that way.

And I would not bet on word-of-mouth being overwhelmingly positive.

And somehow it will make lots and lots of money. I think I am just about alone on this notion that you vote with your dollars instead of paying money for the privilege to hate-watch something to, in turn, argue intelligently on a forum about why it sucked.