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The Force Awakens: The Starlight Project - (WIP) WORKPRINT RELEASED
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3-Dec-2019, 6:17 PM
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15-Dec-2019, 1:17 AM
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In a somewhat organized list of things incomplete or entirely missing, not including timecode removal or changes requiring newly recorded dialogue:


-Incomplete: Restructure of opening scene where Poe shoots first, then Tekka is killed. Not sure if this plays better than theatrical, so it may not be used anyway.

-Incomplete: The scene of BB-8 at Rey’s house. I may just have the BB-8 portion as a brief interlude between the interrogation and Poe’s rescue, skipping Rey’s dream.

-Not Started: The activation of the Falcon tracking device when Rey starts the Falcon for the first time in years.


-Incomplete: Finalize new subs for Kanjiklub establishing the First Order more explicitly as a power in the galaxy.

-Not Started: Subtitle Maz Castle aliens and extend their scene.

-Not Started: Lightsaber handed to Leia in Rey’s vision. Probably won’t include due to potential use in TROS.

-Not Started: Rey sees Pirate’s ship when she runs from the castle. Another change I may not implement due to effort/payoff calculation.

-Not Started: Finn runs to Kylo’s shuttle earlier. Done 12-4-19!

-Incomplete: RogueLeader’s suggestion of a brief dream sequence before Rey’s interrogation.

-Incomplete: Clean up stray echoes in the multichannel audio for the second Snoke scene. Done 12-3-19!


-Incomplete: Custom matte of TIE fighters starting up as Rey climbs down the wall in the hangar.

-Incomplete: Foley and flashes of light when Kylo looks towards the Oscillator from the Falcon.

-Incomplete: Foley and audio cleanup to Rey’s vision of Luke/R2 revealing the map.

-Incomplete: Improve final shot of Falcon jumping to hyperspace before the credits.

It feels like a lot, I know. But compared to the changelist on the first page, I’ve actually done most of it. The really tricky stuff would be the 4-5 areas of the film where I would like to include more dialogue, and that will probably not be ready for this workprint version. I will probably also not complete all of the above changes in time, so the workprint will omit any not yet done in time.