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Return of the Jedi - Saga edit (working on the 1080p version)
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2-Dec-2019, 4:42 PM
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21-Oct-2021, 12:37 PM
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Full trailer:

V2 has some major improvements over the first version.

Disney+ version (with color correction)
Despecialized edition.
Episodes I, II, III, IV, IX, and Rogue One’s soundtracks.


  1. ADDED. New crawl. In the third paragraph I mentioned Palpatine travelling to Endor.
  2. ADDED. Atmosphere to Endor.
  3. RECOLORED. Endor planet.
  4. ADDED. New music track.
  5. ADDED. Force field to Death Star hangar.
  6. REMOVED. Vader’s arrival. Replaced with Palpatine’s arrival. Vader’s already on the DS.
  7. TRIMMED. Dialogue between officials. “Inform the commander that the shuttle has arrived”.
  8. ENHANCED. Lights inside hangar.
  9. ADDED. New music track as Palpatine is talking to Vader.


  1. ADDED. New establishing shot of the planet with twin suns.
  2. ADDED. New sky.
  3. ADDED. New Jabba’s palace exterior.
  4. ADDED. New music track as the droids approach the door.
  5. ADDED. New music track as Bib Fortuna is introduced.
  6. ENHANCED. Luke’s hologram.
  7. ADDED. New music track during Luke’s message.
  8. REMOVED. 3PO being Captain Obvious with Han.
  9. REMOVED. 3PO moving like the “dead” droid behind him (“R2, don’t leave me!”).
  10. REMOVED. Dance show. I’ve always found it awful, all versions of it.
  11. ADDED. New sky behind the palace.
  12. REMOVED. Leia and Chewbacca arriving. They are both already inside the palace, just like Lando.
  13. ENHANCED. Han de-freezing effect, with glow and lens flare.
  14. REMOVED. Boba Fett from every single shot (by cutting out the scene or masking).
  15. ADDED. Yellow glow as the doors open and Luke enters.
  16. ADDED. New music track.
  17. TRIMMED. Jabba’s subtitles.
  18. REMOVED. Rancor’s breeder.
  19. RECOLORED. Dune sea’s sand. Slightly more yellow.
  20. REMOVED. Luke saying “There’s nothing to see, I used to live here”, and Han replying “You’re gonna die here…”. I suppose Han already knows that Luke lived there.
  21. ADDED. Original Sarlacc.
  22. ALL LASERS enhanced throughout the movie.
  23. TRIMMED. Action sequence to remove Boba Fett. Added music track to make some cuts less “hard”.
  24. REMOVED. Transport ship taking the droids out of sand.
  25. ADDED. Atmosphere to Tatooine.
  26. RECOLORED. Falcon and W-Wing’s engines.
  27. ADDED. Nostalgic EpIV track as Luke talks to his friends on the Falcon.


  1. ADDED. Very short part from “Anthem of evil” as Yoda speaks about the Emperor.
  2. ENHANCED. Ben’s Force Ghost.
  3. REMOVED. Luke saying “… betrayed and…”. Now it’s just “You told me Vader murdered my father”. In my saga, in Episode IV Vader has no hinted backstory that linked him to the Jedi (to remove the majority of connections between Vader and Anakin).
  4. ADDED. Music track.


  1. ADDED. Music track.
  2. RECOLORED. Home One’s interior.
  3. ENHANCED. Holograms.
  4. ADDED. Heroic music track as Luke enters.
  5. RECOLORED. Hangar.
  6. ADDED. Music track as Han and Lando separate.
  7. REMOVED. Lando walking towards matte painting.
  8. REMOVED. Han saying that he believes he won’t see the Falcon again.
  9. ADDED. Music track as the shuttle leaves.


  1. RECOLORED. Throne room’s interior. No blue.
  2. ENHANCED. Lights.
  3. ADDED. Music tracks during Tydirium scene.
  4. ADDED. Atmosphere to Endor and recolored planet.
  5. ADDED. Sun to Endor.
  6. REMOVED (sort of). Music from track, with Audacity.


  1. ADDED. Yellow glow througout all scenes. Looks more sunny, more alien and more in line with the shot from Rise of Skywalker.
  2. REMOVED. Han saying “Hey! It’s me!”.
  3. ADDED. Long music tracks during the speeders sequence. Again, all lasers enhanced.
  4. REMOVED (FROM DEATH STAR SCENE). Palpatine asking Vader if his feelings are clear.
  5. REMOVED. Leia meeting Wicket.
  6. REMOVED. R2 electrocuting the Ewok.
  7. SHORTENED. 3PO’s story.
  8. REMOVED. Leia reacting like she’s hearing a fairytale.
  9. REMOVED. Han asking multiple questions to 3PO and ordering him to hurry.
  10. REMOVED. Leia saying “It’s like I’ve always known”. Yeah, sure.
  11. REMOVED. Han being jealous. He gets close to Leia, asks what’s the problem, she stares at him and she just says “Hold me”. That’s all we need.
  12. ENHANCED. Lights in the platform’s corridor.
  13. ADDED. Music track during sequence.
  14. ENHANCED. Luke’s lightsaber.
  15. REMOVED. All Vader saying things that show his struggle. At this point he’s still the cold Sith. No “Obi Wan once thought as you do”, “I must obey my master”, “It’s too late for me, son”.
  16. ADDED. Music track during Rebels’ jump to hyperspace. Also recolored engines.
  17. SHORTENED. Ewok on speeder being chased by stormtroopers.


  1. RECOLORED. Palpatine’s eyes.
  2. RECOLORED. Throne room.
  3. THROUGHOUT BATTLE. Added atmosphere to Endor. Recolored planet’s surface. Recolored X-Wings and Falcon’s engines and enhanced lasers.
  4. ADDED. Multiple music tracks during space and ground battle.
  5. SHORTENED. Ewoks in battle. I kept a lot of them, just removed the too ridiculous shots, like Stormtroopers falling because they’ve been hit by small rocks.
  6. ENHANCED. Luke and Vader’s lightsabers.
  7. ADDED. Glow effect and sparks each time the lightsabers clash.
  8. REMOVED. Chewie’s Tarzan yell.
  9. REMOVED. Ewok waving to AT-ST’s window.
  10. ADDED. Music tracks during Luke and Vader’s duel.
  11. ENHANCED. Palpatine’s Force lightning.
  12. RECOLORED. Death Star’s bowels.
  13. ADDED. Music track as Anakin dies.
  14. RECOLORED. “Power regulator on the North tower”. Another recoloring as Wedge hits it.
  15. ENHANCED. Explosion.
  16. ADDED. Failing force shield as Luke leaved with Lambda shuttle.
  17. ENHANCED. Death Star explosion.
  18. REMOVED. Han saying he won’t get in the way.
  19. ADDED. New music track during pyre scene.
  20. ENHANCED. Force ghosts.

Overall I’m quite satisfied with the result. There are a couple of issues in scenes where I tried to isolate voices with Audacity, as sometimes you can still hear some slight musical background, and some other times the new audio sounds a little bit odd. Also, the glow on Endor is not always perfect, and Palpatine’s eyes look too “soft” here and there. But I don’t think this ruins the experience.