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2-Dec-2019, 8:25 AM

“political dissidents”?

We must save them from their oppresive masters and restore their freedom!

Oh, you mean the guy who told the site owner to go kill himself?

The other who bitched at the site owner repeatedly over considerable time - still bitches about this place and the community here in general on FE (the moderators on there remove his posts - to keep the peace?)

And the other, a bully who never believed he was wrong in spreading drama and shit all over the forums, derailing threads, and acted like he owned the place? All those requests and warnings must have been for someone else?

You mean those “political dissidents”?

They are not “political dissisents” - they are people who acted like entitled idiots and got what they deserved.

At least the young kid admits it was right he was banned for his part and shows some maturity and responsibility.

Sorry for derailing the thread further, mods. It had to be said. Am sure others disagree - and will continue to harp on about this for years to come. Oh the inhumanity of it all!