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The Rise of Skywalker box office results: predictions and expectations
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28-Nov-2019, 7:42 AM

DominicCobb said:

My guess is, aside from the haters online, the word of mouth from even people who don’t like it will be “you should still see it anyway.” It’s the finale, and they’re going balls out, which will be an enticing curiosity even to those who haven’t liked the last two. The war is really more to grab the attention of the general populace who enjoy SW but maybe haven’t necessarily seen every SW film, and haven’t really thought about the series much since they saw TLJ or TFA in theaters.

Indeed this… it will likely be a sort of ‘event movie’ for many - ‘the last film in the Saga’. Even those who’ve seen some Star Wars films before yet don’t consider themselves ‘fans’ will likely go see it on the big screen for the experience (to talk about it on social media, at work, with family and friends etc).

Even the small yet vocal number of online hate providers will go see it to bash on it - got to get those clicks, subscribers and sustain the business model of online hate enabled by the algorithm - afterall there’ll be no SW films to hate on or be offended about for a while after this 😉

(I’m somewhat expecting to see a softening of the toxicity and hate - or less prevalence of it - as many of these channels will likely focus on the current and forthcoming tv series. And given the fast moving nature of tv - where episodes aren’t often as often talked about after the following episode has aired… it’ll be more difficult for some to maintain the levels of fume and hate as we have seen for the films 😃)