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The Ultimate Star Wars Saga
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27-Nov-2019, 5:08 PM

Some thoughts, alternative ideas, and responses:

-let’s have blue be the color for all Jedi lightsabers, and red for all Sith, Luke gets green which symbolizes his New Jedi Order
-Palpatine is not Sith; he is something even more powerful in the Darkside
-Ventress dual-wielding ounds good; no lightpikes, double bladed blades or other silliness
-Clone Masters need to be the main enemy at some point (Episode 2 I guess); they come from outside the Galaxy and attack without warning; they are allied with the Mandalorians
-Boba Fetts suit/armour is a very light scout suit, not the heavy duty powered armor/exoskeletons worn by the front-line warriors
-there are multiple Clone Wars seperated by years of peace
-lets put the Jedi in white half-armour like Kenobi wears in the Clone Wars