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Complete Comparison of Special Edition Visual Changes
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27-Nov-2019, 11:33 AM
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oojason said:

doubleofive said:

Holy crap, I did Greedo Shot First.

Frame by frame comparisons, GIF’s, the whole nine yards. I conclude that the “new” shot is based on a wide shot of Han shooting Greedo. They took the clarifying shot Lucas claims didn’t exist in the 70’s and changed it so Greedo shoots (at different times with different effects). It’s a fun read, hopefully.

A cracking read - thank you doubleofive 😃

Lucas really does ‘Shoot Himself In The Foot First - And Then Again And Again And…’ with some of his decisions - and claims - over the years!

(the above slogan may need some further work for it to catch on… 😉)


Edit: That is really a cracking piece mate - I hope you consider adding it as a separate article on your blog / site too? - without the constricting formatting and character limitations of twitter.

Is there any truth to the censorship reasoning behind this particular shot that Greedo shooting first softens the scene and the ability to then see Han shoot is granted or in defense was allowed.

This adds up with the other cut’s to violence which at the end of the day avoiding PG is what it is all about?

Star wars got the U rating so it was all about keeping that… 97 looks so much better Greedo the right color but the explosion at least is not pink in the new version they sorted that issue.

If we could handle this stuff as 4 or 5 year olds in my case just let Lucus restore the wide shot and the other stuff and let him keep the U rating. Seems stupid to clamp down in 97.

I’ll dare George Lucus to untangle every gunfight and release unrated theatrical versions that are slightly more graphic versions of the original films and serve those up instead of the originals… I’d take that even over the originals actually.

The only way around the censorship stuff back in the 70’s and early 80’s was to cut and re-arrange the footage so it looked like people were not entirely shooting at each other or distract and confuse what is happening but allow it in a nonsensical form because there was no other way around and it still needed to be there but the original form of portrayed violence had to be “confused” to soften it.