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Guide to Downloading Projects from Usenet
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24-Nov-2019, 5:36 AM

Hey dear people. Thanks for the great information, I was under the firm impression that usenet as a thing has been shut down a few years back.

I have run into an issue with 4k77. The version by SomethingSomeone through binsearch consistently fails to repair and unpack after downloading: “Repair failed for 4K77/22A0104B180C8421958D2D2B29A89435: not enough par-blocks, 813 block(s) needed, but 0 block(s) available. Recovery files created by: Created by par2SL version 1.0.”

So apparently this version is dead on arrival. There’s another version of 4k77 1.4 uploaded by SomethingSomeone, but that’s 39 gigabytes. It’s also a mkv file… I wonder what’s up with that.