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4K restoration on Star Wars
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22-Nov-2019, 2:37 PM
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4throck said:

All modern TVs come with a “calibrated” mode, usually called “movie” or “cinema”.
That’s quite close to calibrated settings, and unless you have measurement equipment (*), it’s as good as you will get.
If your TV is 1-2 years old it should be quite good really.

I have my TV set like this (movie), but with higher brightness that default for SDR. I see no problem with personal preference, as long as you keep the baseline in mind.

  • Yes, the correct white point will look yellowish. It’s usually even marked as “warm2” on many sets.
    But it IS the correct white reference.

You can check this even with no equipment.

  • Get 6500k (D65) led lamps.
  • If you have a window, look at an overcast sky.

Whites on the TV should match these references 😉

I’ve never understood this approach, as both an avid film viewer and cinematographer.

White is white, not yellow tinted. These modes are often called “cinema,” but never once in a theater have I seen a film projected with a “warm” color temperature, unless it was intentionally color timed that way. If anything, many theaters project their films with a more “cold” setting, which is equally as ugly.

I always keep my sets at “normal” and then tune in saturation, tint, etc.