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Dr. Vader
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Info Wanted: For a Letter to Harmy
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22-Nov-2019, 1:13 AM

CatBus said:

Seems like a fine place to post this. Harmy doesn’t post here too frequently these days, but if a bunch of people chime in with their own thank-yous, it’ll be a nice thread for him to return to. And frankly he could use a little more thanks and a little less “Could you adjust Han’s skin tone in this one scene?” if we’re going to convince him to keep doing more of this work 😉

Now on to important questions. Is Dr. Vader a medical doctor, or does he have a doctorate degree? Or is it more of an honorary title like with Dr. J? Or is it more like Dr. Pepper?

Haha I have a PhD in astrophysics focusing on The Force energy in the universe. I agree with you about thanking Harmy. He really opened Pandora’s box with these subsequent theatrical releases, and gave us amazing content. Honestly, he could never work on another Despecialized, and I would never get sick of the ones that are available. They are the best current theatrical releases in my opinion. 4k77 and 4k83 are absolutely amazing, but we still don’t have 4kESB (I don’t think there is one). Even if there is a 4kESB, what he did was amazing and gave a lot of people the greatest Star Wars content we could ask for. He did everything for the fans, and didn’t do it to benefit himself.