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Broom Kid
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The Rise of Skywalker box office results: predictions and expectations
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20-Nov-2019, 11:51 AM

voltwaffle said:
the people who have been adamant about boycotting it have only become more emboldened as time has gone on and information has leaked out. I honestly don’t see a way that this movie doesn’t upset a large amount of fans one way or another. Only time will tell though.

Star Wars fandom is a very small percentage of the general audience, and the percentage of that fandom who is adamant about boycotting is a tiny fraction of THAT already small percentage. The fandom is a reliable source of income despite whatever protestations or threats they might make, but that income total isn’t very high compared to the general audience whose investment in “fandom” basically starts and stops with “I like Star Wars, this looks good, I’ll buy a ticket.” The number of people who never even CONSIDER going online to join a forum, or a facebook group, or find themselves following hashtags on social media, etc. - that number VASTLY dwarfs the number of people who consider themselves part of Star Wars Fandom.

All this movie has to do is look entertaining enough to appeal to everyone who isn’t part of that fandom, but does generally like Star Wars. If it does a good enough job of that, the praises and complaints from Star Wars fandom won’t much matter, because the people who comprise the much larger dollar amounts being chased after wouldn’t even think to check in with that fandom to see what they might have to say. It wouldn’t even occur to them. They’re not there as part of a fandom exercise. They’re there to enjoy a movie.