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The Mandalorian Discussion Thread - * SPOILERS *
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18-Nov-2019, 1:57 PM

TavorX said:
Like at the end? I’m pretty sure he knows the baby had helped stop that beast. He didn’t seem to acknowledge that the baby was trying to help, I assume, heal his wound earlier in the episode, if that’s what you mean. At the end, when he’s trying to talk with Kuiil, I think he just couldn’t find the proper words to fully describe the event without sounding like a lunatic.

I just watched it again and you’re right. He knows the baby is helping him with the rhino animal. I didn’t catch that the first time. I agree that he just has no way to explain what he saw during the fight. I do think, however, that he had no idea the baby was trying to heal that cut. It seems like he was just putting it back in the pod because he’s super protective of it. He takes it everywhere. He doesn’t even leave it with Kuiil when he goes to get the egg.