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The Mandalorian Discussion Thread - * SPOILERS *
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18-Nov-2019, 10:19 AM

TavorX said:
Not really a big issue for me nonetheless. I can easily imagine some of them can conjure up a space adventure to another planet and that drier planets are preferable.
Does make me wonder out of nonsensical curiousity, do they build sandcrawlers? Seems so, given the cramped dimensions inside. Or stolen and retrofitted to their liking.

This is basically confirmed by the description on the back of the Offworld Jawa action figure, which was the first leak involving their appearance in the show if I’m not mistaken.

Ships traveling to and from Tatooine have resulted in some Jawas leaving their desert home-world. Those that do arrive on new planets continue their old habits in their new surroundings, but their obsessive need for technology still drives them.

As for the Sandcrawlers, I’m pretty sure it’s officially been said that they’re repurposed mining vehicles. So it’s totally not out of the question to assume that the mining operation that manufactured and subsequently abandoned the Sandcrawlers on Tatooine did the same exact thing on various other planets. It seems like lazy writing at first but it’s actually pretty effective worldbuilding once you think about it.