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screams in the void
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Terminator films
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17-Nov-2019, 3:35 PM

as soon as they killed off John Connor in the first five minutes of Dark Fate , I was done. I am all for female representation , but this was blatant pandering .This is the movie people should be bitching about, not the new Star Wars films. We already had a strong female character in Sarah Connor …all they did was kill John Connor and replace him with a female and tell the same story . Legion is just Skynet by another name . Speaking for myself , and I am guessing for many fans of the original 2 movies as well , I STILL want to see a movie about the future war as depicted in those 2 films . Why the hell have they not done this yet ? And no , Salvation does not count …that was just another Transformers movie in terminator skin . They could do a fantastic movie by making a prequel about the future war and would not even need the original cast to do it .A missed opportunity IMHO .