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A New Hope Repossessed
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16-Nov-2019, 7:20 PM

regularjoe said:

I generally like what you’re doing with Yavin, however the ships in the added scenes need much, much more detail to them and you have to have continuity. If you have one scene with a lot of ships in it and the next scene is one of the pilots of said ships, the next scene pretty much has to follow the first scene for what is populating the background.

Actually, if you compare the shots I’ve replaced with the originals, the new shots show the same number of ships as the original shots - just better quality clip. The only exception to this, is the second shot once the TIEs arrive. And that shot is just to establish the battle - The rest of the scene only follows a few pilots, just like the original. I will try to put together a comparison clip with the original.