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The Mandalorian Discussion Thread - * SPOILERS *
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16-Nov-2019, 6:15 AM

screams in the void said:

I love this show ! I had an ear to ear grin watching the first 2 episodes . Just finished episode 2 and the first thing that came to mind was the old Marvel Star Wars comic…issue 32 had an adventure with Jawas very similar to this and some of the hatches on the sandcrawler and the tactics used by the Jawas to repel boarders were very similar as well . I am thinking Filoni and Favreau must have read these issues. Issue 81 of the series also had a sandcrawler chase and featured Boba Fett being found by the Jawas after being regurgitated by the Sarlacc , only to be put back in by issues end .This series feels to me like those classic comics come to life , as did many episodes of the clone wars . I remember an interview series with Filoni from a while back where they had all of the classic marvel star wars comics on a display behind him , so I am thinking he is a fan of them . Also , I did not think that I would like the Yadpole at first , but man , I love the little guy ! This show is badass ! I have spoken .

Oh, good. You just saved me a bunch of writing. 😉

Digging it for those same reasons. You’re right on the money about it having an old comic book - first comic strip feel. It’s right out of the Goodwin/Williamson strips. It’s back to the singular character story and pacing for me. Like I mentioned earlier, stories where all known good in the universe hangs in the balance can be exhausting.

I love that we’re spending time getting to know him, day to day. And I second the thought on liking how he isn’t some super badass. He’s more than capable, but still fallible. Much more fun and interesting to watch. Great stuff so far. This only furthers my lack of interest in the coming film. This is much more my style.