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Spider-Man World-Trade-Center 35mm Teaser Trailer
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15-Nov-2019, 10:31 PM

Don’t have any HDR hardware myself, but, if you have the raw scan in a form that can be converted back to linear light (for example with only gamma applied), you could probably easily convert this into the Rec2020 PQ HDR color space, simply taking advantage of the naturally high dynamic range of the film. This could be done with AVISynth for example, or with LUTS, I think. Iirc, the brightest spot I’ve seen on the German trailer is that little inserted sunlight in one of the shots of Spiderman swinging.

I know that’s technically not a proper grade (in the sense of having an actual HDR preview and adjusting parameters on-the-fly) but it might be something to try in the meantime until someone can do a proper grade.