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The Usual Sequel Trilogy Radical Redux Ideas Thread - * TROS SPOILERS WITHIN *
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14-Nov-2019, 2:02 PM

Your_friendly_Imperial said:

4throck said:

sade1212 said:
My point is that I moved Luke’s death to the end,

Ending a movie on a death scene doesn’t work. You need to see what was achieved by the sacrifice. That’s why you have celebrations on ROTJ and TPM…

I disagree, i think the funerals of Vader and Qui-Gon Jin would have been far stronger endings. The Ewok party and that strange carnival in TPM were never needed. And Luke is the archetypal hero who saved the galaxy, it’s distasteful to cheapen his death with moments of levity.

Star Wars is an inherently optimistic/upbeat/happy series (however you want to describe it). I’m not a big fan of the celebration in TPM but it is a far more fitting ending for that film as a whole than a dour funeral. For ROTJ, I really like the idea of ending with the funeral, only because it gives a bittersweet final moment for an otherwise happy ending that should tonally set up that what’s to come. With TLJ, I think you’re looking at the film wrong - his death is played as a triumphant moment, because it’s not really a death, it’s him becoming one with the Force. The moments of levity that follow not only don’t cheapen Luke’s sacrifice, they actually strengthen it. He hasn’t died in vain, the Resistance will survive and his heroic actions will spread hope and inspiration throughout the galaxy. I think being ‘respectful’ to fictional characters is a stupid concept, but TLJ actually ends with a moment of immense reverence for Luke’s character.