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Mandy Maven48 edit
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13-Nov-2019, 3:07 AM

Even though I appreciate the style and revenge story, I found Mandy to be unnecessarily long for the genre and a little meandering especially in the first hour.

My intention in this version was to streamline and focus on the story. A basic list of changes follow.

-removed most chapter cards
-removed animated segments
-cut opening quote
-trimmed reds drive home
-cut Mandys baby bird story
-trimmed the lake scene
-removed dead rabbit
-trimmed Jeremiah ‘I need that girl’
-removed ocarina
-trimmed calling the black skulls scene
-removed poisonous bug
-trimmed Jeremiah and Mandy conversation
-removed dagger
-removed cheddar goblin (sorry, tough decision) -moved ‘mandy’ title card to this point
-removed black skulls razor penis
-pretty much the same from this point on
-cut last shot
-added children of the new dawn music to credits

The new run time is around 1h35mins.