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Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, Another Happy Sanding. (Released)
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Octorox said:

Huh, I actually really like this idea in theory, but without any scenes of Padme and Obi-Wan interacting, I don’t think the implication that she’s talking about Obi-Wan and not Anakin will be as a strong as needed to sell the idea. I’ll think on it.

The crazy thing is, there actually is a deleted scene of Obi-Wan and Padme interacting. And guess what outfit she is wearing?

It’s the exact same one from the other deleted scene, where she talks about wanting to speak with a Jedi she trusts. I used to think she clearly was referring to Anakin in that scene, but based off the fact she is wearing the same costume, she must have really been talking about Obi-Wan. The music in the scene sort of hints at it as well, since the Force theme is more closely associated with Obi-Wan.

Here is this scene in the script:

Padme’s apartment building is surrounded by the smog-shrouded city of Coruscant.

PADME and OBI-WAN sit on one of the couches.

OBI-WAN: Has Anakin been to see you?

PADME: Several times . . . I was so happy to hear he was accepted on the Jedi Council.

OBI-WAN: I know … he deserves it. He is impatient, strong willed, very opinionated, but truly gifted.

They laugh.

PADME: You’re not just here to say hello. Something is wrong, isn’t it?

OBI-WAN: You should be a Jedi, Padme.

PADME: You’re not very good at hiding your feelings.

OBI-WAN: It’s Anakin . . . He’s becoming moody and detached. He’s been put in a difficult position as the Chancellor’s representative . . . but I think it’s more than that. I was hoping he may have talked to you.

PADME: Why would he talk to me about his work?

OBI-WAN studies her.

OBI-WAN: Neither of you is very good at hiding your feelings either.

PADME: Don’t give me that look.

OBI-WAN: I know how he feels about you.

PADME: (nervous) What did he say?

OBI-WAN: Nothing. He didn’t have to.

PADME is a little flustered. She stands and Obi-Wan follows. She walks to the balcony.

PADME: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

OBI-WAN: I know you both too well. I can see you two are in love. Padme, I’m worried about him.

PADME looks down and doesn’t answer.

OBI-WAN: (continuing) I fear your relationship has confused him. He’s changed considerably since we returned . . .

They stand on the balcony and look off at the early morning city. OBI-WAN starts to leave. PADME stays looking off into the distant city.

OBI-WAN: (continuing) Padme, I’m not telling the Council about any of this. I … I hope I didn’t upset you. We’re all friends, I care about both of you . . .

PADME: Thank you, Obi-Wan.

OBI-WAN: Please do what you can to help him.

The fact that scene starts on the couch could help imply we’re jumping in mid-conversation. The sad thing is we may never get this scene, but a part of me hopes that if a Saga movie set comes out next year, maybe they will include some never-before-seen deleted scenes. This seems like it would be a great deleted scene to include, I guess we’ll see though.

A part of me still thinks the movie can work well without the scene, and perhaps even be a strength, but I guess it might be one of those things where you would need to show a first-time viewer and see if they would understand what it is implying. Padme says she wants to speak to a Jedi she trusts, and the next time we see her, she tells Anakin, “[Obi-Wan] came by this morning.”