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Dune - radical fan edit ideas
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10-Nov-2019, 8:07 AM
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10-Nov-2019, 1:59 PM
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Been Animating the filmbook and trying to get the updated content to blend…Not Easy.

But from as far as music and Narrative is concerned this is as close to the Lynch version as I can get… The Dune Story book confirmed this order of events and it is based on the script.

There has been some Good Music and Sound edits but restoring the music cues has given me confirmation that I am putting it back in the intended order…

The Music for House Atreides blends perfectly with the music of the opening credits…

Although I have not been able to replace the emperors palace a good color correction will do but after this scene with the Navigator the Rest of the Narration was supposed to play after the Bene Gesserit Reverand Mother Says “On Caladan” leading us back to Caladan.

Start point Linked
The Cut / end point point is “Given birth to a Son”

Actually It might be Voice over for the part about the Guild… Then Irulian Appears on “The Bene Gesserit sisterhood has been interfering with the Blood Lines”

It is fitting together very easily in this order because it’s made to go in this order… The Music and the Footage and the Story.

This is the part the TV cut does a very weird edit… It has the Irulian footage though so it was not needed at all… The Irulian narration needs removing from the Caladan waves and castle which I have done to allow this in it’s intended place.

The actual scene order for Paul’s Dream Jessica and Reverand Mother visit and the associated scenes are also in the incorrect order so I hope to make this at least chronologically correct.

The Reverand mother Voice over and scene “Here it comes…” has been put in the correct location… and a shot from inside the Navigator Tank looking at the Emperor has had Smoke / Gas added as has the shots of the Navigator inside the tank where smoke is missing

The Other thing I need to do is get the Super in place on the dropship landing at the palace to say “Planet Kaitain Home to the emperor of the known universe” Interestingly the comic simply has it as “Planet Kaitain home of House Corrino”

And in the next picture expands it to “And the Emperor of the Known Universe”

If anyone can identify the font? let me know what it is…

Ok found it