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act on instinct
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The Rise of Skywalker box office results: predictions and expectations
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8-Nov-2019, 9:43 PM
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act on instinct
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Broom Kid said:

As time has gone on, and the number of movies I’ve watched has grown exponentially, I’ve found that i’d much rather a movie be good than be “new.” Movies taking chances and failing are still unpleasant to watch, even if the intentions were noble.

and that’s probably the line in the sand, I just feel the exact opposite here.

I also just don’t want to discount Lucas himself, however much credit you want to give him he did now famously complain that TFA didn’t try enough to be new. I understand you may not hold the new films to this responsibility, nor hold an essentially bitter jilted ex’s sour grapes about a franchise he sold off in highest esteem, to invoke some others with credentials for what it’s worth this opinion also is shared by those from James Cameron to Simon Pegg who has even personally worked with JJ, granted you’re entitled to feel differently about the direction but it’s not an unfounded expectation that each trilogy was supposed to be spectacle with each their own distinct “wow” factor. Granted not an easy task to live up to and even to sympathize with the studios, why take the risk?

Broom Kid said:
I think placing the burden of “the new” on Star Wars as a primary motivating factor for watching it is only complicating many people’s ability to enjoy the films for what they’re individually trying to be.

My want for the new is motivated to serve exactly that purpose, I want the new films to be individual, the want to strive to push further and be better and exceed boundaries to me is within the bones of the message of Star Wars, your mileage may vary and I understand what you mean by vague messaging stacking the deck so the ST will never win, but I think that’s again all the more reason actually not to compete with the usual fair or the past and instead win on its own terms and be its own.