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act on instinct
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The Rise of Skywalker box office results: predictions and expectations
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8-Nov-2019, 6:35 PM

Maybe Star Wars hasn’t been unique for a long time, but with an original vision (that everyone would have hated) I think it at least would have had a chance to be remembered in its own way, I now mostly hear it lumped together with the sea of other sequel reboots that all happened/are happening around the same time. After Guardians of the Galaxy I wondered how Star Wars could top it for the kids who were already getting their first kind of sci-fi adventure that way. I didn’t care for Avatar but I still am intrigued with what James Cameron will do for the sequel, I probably won’t like the story there either but I’m sure it will have more of the ambition I would have hoped from a next generation Star Wars. I think that’s why some are so excited for Dune, I remember being cautiously hopeful even for Valerian to deliver more of that lush world. For it to be a special event the event should be special, lately seems what we’re supposed to feel special about is that it’s Star Wars by default, I’m not willing to bow in allegiance to brand alone.