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General Star Wars Random Thoughts Thread
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6-Nov-2019, 7:49 PM

DominicCobb said:

ATMachine said:

The name “Utapau” in ROTS goes back to the original SW, but the idea of a sinkhole city postdates the 1977 film. Perhaps most notably, it was considered as an idea for Mos Espa in TPM.

I thought the sinkhole planet was from the original film as well, although maybe I’m misremembering (ROTJ perhaps?).

Where did you learn about the hyperspace-through-shield idea in TFA coming from ROTJ?

It’s from one of the earlier drafts of the film, per Rinzler’s making of book. I’ll have to check when I get the chance which draft.

JEDIT: from the “Revised Rough Draft” 6/12/81

I’ve seen one book (maybe it was Kevin J Anderson’s Illustrated SW Universe) claim the sketches of a “crevasse city” were done for ROTJ, but I think that’s inaccurate; several of the drawings appear in the various Episode I art books.

Thanks for the info about the hyperspace thing!