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Max Rebo
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How To Add Deleted Scenes??? (Sorry for re-post I posted in wrong channel)
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5-Nov-2019, 10:51 PM

Hey guys, sorry I’ve not posted in a while but I have got a question. Is there a way to add deleted scenes in movies that shoulda made it in the movie. One movie I wanna do that with is Halloween (2018). I love that movie (sure the 1st one is still the best) and I would honestly call it the best sequel along side Halloween II (1981). There are a four scenes in particular that I would love to add.

1: In this scene, Laurie is practicing her shooting on some creepy mannequins. After a few pinpoint shots, she slurps up some strawberry milk. Okay, nothing crazy there, but in the following scene she’s cleaning some guns and picks up a six-shooter. In this scene, she contemplates killing herself and even puts the muzzle under her chin to blow out her brains. One has to imagine this was cut to avoid turning the audience against the character. (But I would edit out Michael standing in the corner in one frame)

2: This scene reveals Allyson jogging to school and comes across a very terrible thing on a morning run. It appears Michael Myers, or at least one of the escaped inmates, tied up and killed a dog. It’s a nice scene in that it foreshadows something terrible has entered the suburban neighborhood. Which takes place before the school scene.

3: This scene involves the main cast of kid characters and how they’re planning to either go to the big party or ditch it to get freaky at home. This scene would have added some context so that characters didn’t just show up unannounced, but a lot of the dynamics are explored in other scenes anyway.

4: This scene occurs after Cameron gets caught cheating on Allyson and kissing another girl. He’s super drunk, but in an odd turn they make up. Then cops show up and bust Cameron. It’s a throwaway scene, but interesting to see how the showrunners were trying to mend this relationship. Which, in my opinion, makes the boyfriend that much more likeable until he mouths off to the cops.

I re-worded and put personal thoughts in the scene descriptions from this website (cause there are no individual videos):

In conclusion, how do I add in a few deleted scenes in a movie?