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act on instinct
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The Rise of Skywalker box office results: predictions and expectations - NO SPOILERS
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5-Nov-2019, 10:18 AM
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act on instinct
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That’s what I expect too, and I wouldn’t blame ST if all future Star Wars shifted to exclusively streaming, more a change with the times. Hell, there should have been a live action show ages ago.

Broom Kid said:

Does anyone think watching Agents of SHIELD led to increased attendance for Marvel movies? Or had any effect on that attendance at all?

I’m calling apples to oranges here for a few reasons, though it isn’t a bad example. First being Agents of SHIELD largely failing to be a success, basically never achieved buzz for anything, fans were not making a choice between the movies or the show as the movies were the clear victors and the show itself seemed largely to be a low rent commercial for the movies anyway rather than its own thing. Netflix series like Daredevil made an impression but again were sort of downplayed, to the point where I’m not exactly sure what kind of limbo state those shows are in now. With Star Wars there is something more unique going on being the first of live action shows within the universe (AND placed in a time period within the saga fans seem to keep wanting to return to) and definitely is seeing production value much closer to that of the movies than a traditional network show. Fans never had this choice with Star Wars before, maybe they would have made it and bailed on the prequels if they had an equally budgeted KOTR show or the Mandalorian then.