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Wannabe Scholar
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Rewriting the SW Sequels to fit the EU
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4-Nov-2019, 8:36 AM
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DuracellEnergizer said:

The NJO/Legacy-era EU is anathema to me, and I really wouldn’t want to deal with that baggage. I’d prefer to write a trilogy blending elements from the Thrawn, Dark Empire, & Jedi Academy trilogies, but that would be modifying the EU, not fitting with it.

I feel you. While I haven’t read the NJO books and do think the Vong would’ve been an interesting antagonist conceptually, I have no inclination to read them after hearing how they portrayed the OT cast and their children (and especially how they did that in LotF and FotJ books that I did read). Ironically, that and more are the same reasons why I don’t like the actual SW sequels and why I’ve been trying to write my current TFA Rewrite (which you can find on wattpad as “Star Wars: Birthright (A TFA Rewrite)”) closer to the Bantam books.