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Rewriting the SW Sequels to fit the EU
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3-Nov-2019, 8:30 PM

Okay, this was something I had in the back of my mind for some time. We all know the EU was made no longer canon and a new canon was made for other stories (not in line with the old EU) to be made. I had been thinking “What if the SW sequels had been written so they can fit in the old SW EU?” Definitely no easy feat, especially when I’m remembered of the utter annoyance that is the “Star Wars: Legacy” comics that takes place 137 ABY and has destroyed the Jedi Order (again) to set up a tyrannical empire (again) for a Skywalker to take down (a-freaking-gain). Still, I would like to at least play with this idea.

First off, changes. The overall plots of Episodes 7-9 will have some tweaks here or there, and major changes will be kept to a minimum as much as possible (this is to see if the Sequel trilogy still could’ve worked in the EU if circumstances were different). My plan is for most of the changes be done to the characters and the setting to fit the EU.

Setting: The trilogy would take place circa 50 ABY. This is 25 years after the infamous New Jedi Order books (that killed off Chewie and Han’s son Anakin Solo in the invasion of the extra-galactic Vong), almost 10 years after the Legacy of the Force books (which killed off Mara Jade and had Han and Leia’s son - Jacen, not Ben - repeat Anakin Skywalker’s fall only to be killed by his sister), and 6 years after Fate of the Jedi (that had some “Lost Tribe of the Sith” and the SW version of Aku from Samurai Jack). As a result, the Galactic Alliance (the successor of the New Republic) rules over a galaxy that is slowly healing. The Fel Empire (the successor of the old Empire, except less racist and less Dark Side) is slowly gaining influence under Jagged Fel and his wife Jaina Solo-Fel (aka Han and Leia’s daughter, who is also making her own ‘Jedi Knights’ that would eventually become the Imperial Knights). Luke Skywalker has gone in hiding while his Jedi Knights try to maintain peace in a galaxy that kinda-sorta mistrusts them.

Characters: Rey, a human scavenging girl from Jakku, is now Rayn, a scavenger on Raxus Prime to keep to herself and hide the fact that she is Vong. Finn, a deserter of the First Order, is a soldier of the Galactic Alliance who is working with a split group of a few (fallen) Jedi who have seeped their influence into both the Alliance and the Empire. The two characters come together when an Imperial probe droid, carrying information of the corruption in the Galactic Alliance. With the droid, our heroes have to join together to escape the planet of Raxus Prime.

That’s all I have for now. What do you think? Does it have some merit or should this be trashed? And if you want to, how would you try to rewrite the SW Sequels for the EU?