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act on instinct
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The Rise of Skywalker box office results: predictions and expectations
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3-Nov-2019, 7:16 PM

DominicCobb said:

Does it? Are there hardcore fans in this thread who are unwilling to go?

There have been comments made on this forum if not this thread by those who have claimed to be not going, not that I am trying to lionize that side or suggest they represent the majority but to those who feel that way I would say fair enough, free to do as they choose. But I wouldn’t discount them as hardcore fans, especially if they’re here at all. I really don’t want to get caught into a semantics thing though with what qualifies as or defines hardcore, it’s about the segment of otherwise dedicated fans who don’t enjoy the current direction of the ST or anthology movies.

If so, I’d love to hear if Mandalorian would make them more likely to because I don’t understand that line of thinking.

That’s sort of twisting my question as though it were my conclusion, I wanted to lay out the optimistic scenario and pessimistic for discussion. With respect to the former, the idea to me isn’t so far-fetched that the Mandalorian as a success wouldn’t also function as an extended advertisement for not just Disney+ but Star Wars generally as a hype machine, getting everyone talking about new Star Wars content overall and being more in the spirit to readily accept where they may have previously reacted apprehensively i.e. Solo.

Mandalorian was not going to be a film. The Boba Fett movie was a separate project.

Is this not splitting hairs a little? And what about the Kenobi series?

For hardcore fans I don’t really believe that’s true for the most part.

For any fans what they respond to the most will be the leading creative direction of Star Wars for the foreseeable future. And with the two projects contrasted in tone being released within only a month of each other, due to the proximity alone I find it feels like turning a blind eye to presume both can exist in a vacuum without some influence on the fate of the other.