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The original Marvel Star Wars series
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1-Nov-2019, 4:06 PM
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screams in the void said:

they also used concept art in several other issues of the series , off the top of my head , I remember in issue 25 they used some of Johnston’s Death Star trench sketches for the background of Jorman Thoad’s used Starship lot ,

Interesting, do you mean this one? It’s the only one I could find that resembled the original comic panel.

screams in the void said:

in issue 61 , the rebel tech who explains the T.I.E. fighter modifications to Luke and Shira is based off of Ralph Mcquarrie sketches in the art of Star Wars books , and in issue 59 , Lando’s outfit is based off of ROTJ concept sketches . I am sure there are more examples .

Now that you mention it that outfit on the cover does have a ROTJ feel to it. Though that must have meant that Marvel was seeing concept art for ‘Revenge of the Jedi’ as early as 1982. Or was there some kind of pre-release concept art book or something similar that I’m unaware of?

screams in the void said:

^ nice finds man ! always love seeing Simonson’s pure art . There was also a Joe Johnston concept of those troopers leaning against the legs of a walker and one was even enjoying a smoke !

Lol, yeah it does kind of look like he’s smoking. I’m guessing you meant this sketch?.

It kinda reminds me of the three panels in the ANH adaptation where Vader levitates a coffe cup (or some other hot drink) over to himself and holds it as if he was about to start drinking it. I remember seeing that as a kid and wondering how he was going to drink it with his helmet on.