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Dirty Harry - Color Regrade and New 5.1 remix project (Released)
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30-Oct-2019, 1:13 PM

kchrules said:

Ronster said:

over saturated, get the saturation right first before re-grading

These films never looked good so colorful why make them over saturated now?

shift cyan towards blue more Highlights are blown on the source.

Oh yeah, I still have it way too saturated. And that Youtube video is darker than the DVD I’m using (at least it looks like it), I have several DVDs/VHS/Laserdiscs of the movie. I think the full screen DVD from 1998 has that darker saturation/color grading as well, so I might use that. I’m getting the original JP laserdisc of DH soon, which might be the same transfer as the old rental tape (which was taken directly from a print), so that might be a useful reference as well.

From what it seemed in your uploads that 1979 VHS tape was too yellow looking