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Dawn Of The Dead Ultimate Edition Volume 2-UPDATE Discs 1-4 COMPLETE
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28-Oct-2019, 7:21 PM

langham said:

Bearing in mind the lack of response to my post above I’m not sure if there is any interest in this, but I’ve now completed a two disc blu ray updated version of this project.

Blu Ray Disc One (22.4 gig)

Extended Edition in HD with the choice of the Elite Laserdisc Audio Commentary, the UK BMG DVD Audio Commentary and a soundtrack only created using the original drop cues.
HD reconstruction of the Japanese Suspiria Version, using HD video and the original TV broadcast audio, with the choice on the original opening credits or HD opening credits.

Blu Ray Disc Two (18.8 gig)

House of George Romero Interview
Documentary on George A. Romero
The Directors - George A.Romero
G4 Icons - Episode 8 from Season 4 - George A. Romero
Clive Barker’s A-Z of Horror - Episode 3 - Kingdom of the Dead
Son of The Incredibly Strange Film Show - Episode 8 from Season 4 - George A. Romero & Tom Savini
Mall Tour with David Emge, Ken Foree & Lenny Lies
Airstrip Tour with David Emge, Ken Foree & Jim Krut
22 year cast reunion Q&A from Cinema Wasteland
Laserdisc supplementary material
German Super 8 Version with English Language
Japanese Explained Opening
Japanese TV Introduction with English subtitles
George A. Romero’s Introduction to Dawn of the Dead from UK TV 1997
Biohazard 2 aka Resident Evil 2 - two versions of the George Romero Directed Trailer and a short making of documentary

I am also very interested