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Dune - radical fan edit ideas
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28-Oct-2019, 1:23 PM
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28-Oct-2019, 1:53 PM
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benduwan said:

Ronster said:

If we get some extra deleted material on the new release and the existing deleted material in good quality (Fingers crossed) this film could very well turn out to be something very special.

a new release?
last i know is the japanese dune box.

Koch Media are Releasing a new transfer in 2020 both Versions… It has new extra’s Licensed such as the cine film Sean young shot during production… But that is all that is currently known.

Let’s hope while they are going through the original camera negatives that they find some of the scenes from the scripts… Extra dialogue and plot and action is what we want to see, although if they find some special effects stuff too all the more interesting. 😃

I don’t really care if they are cleaned up either, but David Lynch would order them presented properly like with Blue Velvet and Fire Walk with me, so there is no need to ask him on that count. I don’t mind seeing extra stuff even of the same or similar quality we already have if it was between a choice of seeing it and not seeing it, but this is not confirmed any new extra material will be made available.

Just in case you were wondering why I have been logging and chronicling all known material 😃