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Knight of Kalee
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Idea: OT Edits to Fit the PT and/or the Larger Saga (A Resource Thread, Hopefully)
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21-Oct-2019, 9:38 PM
  • Leave Temuera Morrison as the voice of Boba Fett, but maybe tweak the tone or speed to make him sound more like the older, menacing Fett voice.
  • Also have someone speaking out loud Fett’s name in Ep V.
  • Make Obi-Wan call Darth Vader “Anakin” or “Vader” instead of “Darth”.
  • Trim Leia addressing Obi-Wan as Ben.
  • Add at least one reference to Vader and/or the Emperor being a Sith (for example, in the Ep V opening crawl, introduce Vader as a “Sith Lord” instead of “evil lord”.
  • Address the Emperor as “Palpatine” in at least one line (it could be during the Rebel briefing scene in Ep VI: “…we’ve learned that Emperor Palpatine himself”).
  • In Ep VI, alter Luke’s line, from “I can turn him back to the good side” to I can save him. I can turn him back to the Light side".
  • Maybe one reference to the balance of the Force?
  • Maybe a throwaway line confirming Bail Organa’s death?
  • Add movement and Aurebesh texts to the screens of the Rebel bases and Imperial systems.

Also there might be some ways to further bridge Rogue One and the OT.

  • Re-scripted lines for Vader at the start referring to the events at Scarif.
  • Add Scarif in the background for the early scenes with the Death Star in space.
  • Add U-Wings and Hammerhead Corvettes to the Battle of Endor.