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Idea: OT Edits to Fit the PT and/or the Larger Saga (A Resource Thread, Hopefully)
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21-Oct-2019, 6:57 PM
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4-Jul-2020, 7:01 AM
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Sacrilege I know, but for those trying to improve continuity in the whole saga, in some cases it’s simply easier to change the OT rather than the PT where there’s a discrepancy. My goal for this thread is to compile a list of all the minor bits of dialogue or minor bits that have a potential for change, and then the suggested way to change them, and then hopefully examples of the change in action. Ultimately it’d be nice to have something like Hal’s PT edit care package, but for these specific OT changes (I know many have been done already for things such as Hal’s custom SEs).


  • Adywan added a battle droid to the sand crawler. Are there other spots in the film were PT elements could be added?
  • Ben shows no recognition toward R2 and C-3PO. Suggested edit: “Come here my old friend.” Could also cut out Ben saying he doesn’t remember owning a droid, even though it doesn’t technically contradict anything.
  • Ben’s line about the lightsaber. Suggested edit: “I wanted you to have this when you were old enough.” I believe this change has already been worked out in Hal’s edit (


  • Ben’s line about Yoda, “The Jedi master who instructed me.” Suggested edit: “A Jedi master who instructed me.” I believe this change has already been worked out in Hal’s edit (
  • Another line about Ben’s training, “Was I any different, when you taught me?” Suggested edit: “Was I any different, when Qui-Gon taught me?”
  • The infamous “other.” Suggested edit: “No, there is the other.”


  • Leia’s “real mother.” In my mind the simple solution is to excise this bit of the conversation entirely. What’s the best way?
  • Vader’s line, “Obi-wan once thought as you do.” Suggested edit: “Your mother once thought as you do.” Lot of work has been done on this one recently (I believe this is the most recent attempt, getting close but not perfect:
  • I’ve always thought it’d be pretty neat to see a PT ship or two in the space battle.
  • I think I’ve seen a few people mock up a shot of the Hayden ghost appearing at Vader’s funeral pyre. An interesting alternate to tie the trilogies together.

Hopefully this is just a jumping off point. Please let me know if you guys think of any others.