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trillary dump
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ESB 1997 HD (a more accurate) Reconstruction
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17-Oct-2019, 12:51 PM
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25-Oct-2019, 9:02 PM
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trillary dump
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Hi everyone after doing a restoration of the 1997 version of ROTJ (very close to being 100% completed) I thought I’d make a more accurate version of ESB 1997 based off of Adywan’s great work. Adywan’s ESB 1997 kept in a lot of changes that were made in 2004 that bothered me (mostly all of the Falcon’s cockpit shots being left cropped) so I threw this version together in a couple of days. This preservation is in 720p unlike Adywan’s version which is 1080p, so I would say that if you don’t care about the changes that I made here, go ahead and get Adywan’s since it’s higher resolution.


  • Main source: Hal9000’s Empire Custom SE
  • KK5SO’s Custom SE
  • 2004 HDTV
  • Harmy’s Despecialized ESB v2.0
  • Harmys Respecialized ANH (for “A long time ago” title card)
  • ESB 1997 LD (for one shot that is zoomed in on only for the 97 version)


  • Used Harmy’s Respecialized ANH to replace the Episode II style “A long time ago” title card in the 2004 version (and was still present in Adywan’s version)
  • Used a clip from a 1997 LD capture to replace the shot of Luke’s feet stuck in the Wampa’s cave since it was zoomed in on only for this version
  • Used Harmy’s Despecialized ESB to replace all of the zoomed in Millenium Falcon cockpit shots (except for one shot that was zoomed in for the 97 version)
  • Used Harmy’s Despecialized to replace all scenes with lightsabers since they were redone for 2004 (and were still present in Adywan’s version)
  • Used Harmy’s Despecialized to replace scenes on Bespin where Han’s shoulders have shadows on them which creates the illusion that he’s wearing his vest (shoulders were digitally lightened in 2004)
  • Used Harmy’s Despecialized to replace scenes where the Imperial rank badges on some characters have been digitally re positioned (2004 change)
  • The entire film has also been synced to the cinema DTS and LD 5.1 track

There are still a few things that are 2004 changes that are still in here, but they are just re composited elements that look almost identical to the 97 version.

Pm me for a link (it’s a 20gb file so it’s a megalink this time)