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A New Hope Repossessed
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17-Oct-2019, 11:19 AM
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9-Nov-2019, 10:15 PM
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Ok, the final cutlist on this edit “Repossessed”:

This is basically FGR’s Reimagined cut with the following updates:

- Possessed’s ANH is now the base, which means complete color correction - sooo much better. 
- The scenes I used from FGR have been color corrected to match Possessed’s cut
- New blaster bolts and lightsabers
- Vader’s chest plate lights work in all scenes
- Replace Death Star operators with the ones from Rogue One
- Entrance to Mos Eisley has been extended slightly to include overhead shot
- Replaced a few shots of Obi wan during the Sc.38 duel (upgrades in quality)
- New Alderaan explosion
- Replace Forest canopy shot on Yavin with new slow panning shot
- Add Yavin Temple Base establishing shot (from Rogue One)
- New upgraded clips added to Battle of Yavin (x-wings taking out surface guns, new wide shot of all x-wings and TIEs, a few new x-wing/TIE dogfight clips and a new Y-wing clip - the original was horrendous)