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Cameron Samurai
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The Last Jedi - Total Eclipse of the Spark (starring Harrison Ford!) (Released)
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9-Oct-2019, 2:56 PM
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30-Jul-2020, 4:50 AM
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This was not an easy edit, and even in it’s current format it’s not exactly ideal. So far I have a draft prepared that I will make available shortly, right now here is what is featured. There will be spoilers for both this cut and my previous new trilogy cut.

-This is a follow-up to my Force Awakens edit “The Ford Awakens”, where Han Solo survived the events of that movie…due to having zero footage of him to use in the Last Jedi, I had to give him a minimal role in the film. He only appears on-screen once (in the scene where he meets Luke…yes, he meets Luke), and the rest of his appearances are represented by various soundbites from the original trilogy, each carefully selected to connect to certain scenes in the third act.

-The edit has a cold open pre-title scene but does eventually lead into the text crawl

-The entire battle with the Dreadnought has been cut. It shoots on the base, the resistance escape. Later on, Po’s mission to take out the Dreadnought is mentioned by Holdo but we don’t see it, you are meant to assume this happened during the times the pursuit of the fleet isn’t seen

-Luke is already training Rey when the movie begins.

-Kylo smashing his helmet in a rage is cut

-Canto Bight is retained as is Poe’s whole issue with Holdo and his mutiny, largely to make sure the film was of an acceptable length, it’d be 35 minutes long with the amount of cuts I made.

-Third act trimmed so that the resistance don’t take out the main cannon. Luke still arrives and assures Leia this is not the end, and he will not be the last jedi. Film ends on a cliffhanger with seemingly all hope lost and Rei tempted to join the dark side by Kylo.

Plot holes I couldn’t hope to fix:

-Kylo and Snoke’s initial conversation is heavily edited. Kylo has been wounded in battle, but because Rey didn’t wield a lightsaber in my “Ford Awakens” edit, it’s left unclear how he got it. The scene merley serves as a reason to unmask Kylo

-Finn journeyed with Rey and Han to Luke’s island in “The Ford Awakens” but is back with the fleet here, again, this was because I could not work out how to get him off the island or even have scenes with them on the island. Just assume he got tired waiting for Rei to complete her training and went back to help the resistance.

Again, this was largely done to satisfy my own curiosity, if anyone’s interested or has further questions, feel free to ask. I will also have samples shortly.