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Pokémon Christmas Special Preservation
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4-Oct-2019, 8:46 PM
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8-Oct-2019, 10:07 AM
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Hello. I am wanting to make a fansub of the Pokémon anime as part of my rebellion against censoring animation. Right now, I am just focusing on the Indigo League arc. For the first 37 episodes, I plan to use the Original Broadcast Versions (OBV). Of course, Episode 38 only aired once, so it’s already in its OBV. As for the rest of the Indigo League episodes, I plan on recording them off of Amazon Japan. However, there’s one episode that I am confused about when it comes to Amazon Japan and that is the Christmas Special, Jynx’s Christmas*, which was originally intended to be Episode 39, but was delayed due to the epileptic incident caused by Episode 38. Bulbapedia claims that Amazon Japan uses the re-edited version from Pokémon Smash, which changes Jynx’s skin from black to purple. However, I have looked on Amazon Japan and the screenshot for the episode clearly shows Jynx in her original design, how she’s supposed to be in that episode. This is why I am creating this topic so that we are able to see this episode how it originally aired on TV Tokyo, without any on-screen logos whatsoever. If you could tell me where I can find this episode that way, then that would be great. Thank you.

*When 4Kids dubbed this episode, they called it, “Holiday Hi-Jynx”.