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Return of the Jedi 1997 Special Edition HD Reconstruction (Released)
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30-Sep-2019, 8:44 PM
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1-Oct-2019, 1:43 PM
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UPDATE: I have officially finished the v2 of this project using all new sources (listed above). There are now theatrical subs, DTS synch, and improved sources. I want to give special shoutouts to ZigZig and Schorman for helping me out!

Zig was kind enough to purchase PAL and NTSC laserdisc sets, capture the scenes I needed from them, add in the TB and Gkar broadcasts, upscale all of that using SuperResolution, and finally merge all of them together using the “PANup” method ( to get the best possible quality out of all of the SD frames. It basically gets pseudo-HD frames out of it, and in the words of Larry David, it looks pretty, pretty, pretty good!

Here are some screenshot comparisons (the third screencap is especially impressive!):

Instead of having the sources switch midshot, I just had Zig’s footaage replace all of the planets celebrating since it’d be too jarring to have it switch without a cut. So as of right now everything is finished except for color correction, the film is color timed to the 2004 versions (minus the botched lightsabers, those shots are replaced by the Blu-Ray). At first I was thinking of getting this color corrected to DrDre’s 4k83 LUT, but now I’m leaning towards learning to make my own LUT based off of the Gkar release and applying it. Hopefully that’ll get done soon!

I have a link for v2 at the ready so PM me if you’re interested!