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The Mandalorian - Star Wars Live action TV series : NO SPOILERS
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29-Sep-2019, 12:56 PM

screams in the void said:

luckydube56 said:

screams in the void said:

^ or maybe Dash Rendar ?

Where did Dash Rendar come from again? Fan fiction? Is he part of the canon? And why does he exist? Meaning why is he a rogueish sarcastic smuggler?

I’m starting to wonder if Star Wars was really meant to continue in perpetuity like it is. It seems like the OT was a self contained story filled with archetypes. So they’re just going to keep using this limited number of archetypes? Didn’t the Disney cartoon series have some kind of non-human character playing the role of strong man a la Chewbacca?

I was being a bit sarcastic , meant as a joke , but now that I think about it , the character of Dash Rendar , who made his debut in Shadows of The Empire , is not beyond the possibilty of showing up in the mandalorian . Dave Filoni brought a lot of old “legends” concepts back into “canon” in The Clone Wars , including the Falleen species and Black Sun who also made their debut in Shadows Of The Empire .What I am also saying is that the use of these tropes is not a new thing exclusive to Disney , they have been there for a long long time . Dash was indeed portrayed as a sarcastic rogue smuggler . There was even a character named Rik Duel in the original Marvel Star Wars comic that was basically Han with a goatee who was also a sarcastic smuggler.There are lots of other decades old examples if you look closely .

That cuts to the heart of the issue for me.

Let me be clear that I’m not trying to derail this thread or bash the series as I think it looks like the most promising thing I’ve seen from the Lucasfilm franchise in 30years.

I just am beginning to wonder if Star Wars is really just a self contained 3 film expression of the hero myth with some very well defined and classic character archetypes. If all Disney or anyone else for that matter can come up with is a rehash of the same archetypes I have genuine curiosity as to whether this franchise is being stretched far beyond what it was intended.

Well…enough of my off topic musings. This series looks great.

Between Netflix, Amazon, and HBO ive got enough susbscriptions so I’ll probably wait til the first season is done and subscribe for a month and binge watch it. Assuming that is an option.