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Random non-SW story ideas
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28-Sep-2019, 10:52 PM

Welp, here I am. Back with another silly idea I’ve been having for sometime. This time, it is a short preview of an “original work” called After Arthur: A King Forevermore. This is meant to follow the aftermath of well-known lore of the legendary King Arthur, starting up right after he fell in the infamous Battle of Camlann. It’s not much, but I do hope you enjoy it. Take care.

In a field of black, fire roared as the flag of the red dragon burned.

“What is this?”

Atop a hill of corpses, a father speared his son, and a son stabbed his father back.

“What is going on?”

The two men fell, and another voice whispered over their screams.

“Find him.”

“‘Find him?’ Who are you-?”

The fire died, and the flag of the red dragon, the flag of Camelot, fell. Knocked down by the many men in white and black. They clashed, their swords singing death.

All had been unrecognizable, except for one: a boy in brown, running in between enemy soldiers.

“No! Get out of there! Get out!”

The boy only heard his own screams as a black knight fell atop him-

“MORY!" Marian screamed, her eyes snapping widen open.

Awake at last, Marian breathed and scanned her surroundings. She wasn’t in a terrible battlefield of death. She had been in her bed, staring up at the stone ceiling of her chamber. It took her several moments to realize that and her sweaty face.

Having come to her senses, Marian sat up. To the side, a breeze intruded through her open window, the stone frame wet with rainwater. It cooled the perspiration to her brow and entered into her panting lungs. With it came a calm wave that slowed Marian’s thumping heart.

Then, the cool air grew bitter cold. Marian pulled her blanket until it hugged her back, adding more white to her nightgown. Her eyes trailed down in thoughts surrounding that dream. It was so real, so vivid…

Marian pulled the blanket closer to her. “It was a dream. Just a dream,” she told herself. Yes, that was all it was. Another dream.

Another nightmare.