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Star Fleet/X-Bomber (1980) Remastered Edition
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28-Sep-2019, 7:46 AM

Not many updates. Still working on cleaning the next episode preview scenes. I may have figured something out but don’t want to say anything before getting further along. I need to take breaks from this project sometimes otherwise my brains will blow out all over the wall.

I have kind of a request here. Does anybody following this project happen to speak Japanese? I found this on Twitter:

I’ve been trying to clean up the Japanese sound track of the series as well; except it’s pretty impossible because of how bad the audio is. I was wondering if these VHS captures are of any clearer audio quality? It’s a stretch considering these would have to be almost 40 years old, but then again, is it? “Dragon Ball Z” has a similar situation where all the DVD and Blu-Ray soundtracks of the Japanese version sound like crap due to Toei canning the original tapes, but fan VHS captures of the original broadcasts being significantly cleaner. Inquiring about it is kind of an impossibility on my part because of the language barrier.