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screams in the void
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The Mandalorian - Star Wars Live action TV series : NO SPOILERS
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27-Sep-2019, 11:41 PM

luckydube56 said:

screams in the void said:

^ or maybe Dash Rendar ?

Where did Dash Rendar come from again? Fan fiction? Is he part of the canon? And why does he exist? Meaning why is he a rogueish sarcastic smuggler?

I’m starting to wonder if Star Wars was really meant to continue in perpetuity like it is. It seems like the OT was a self contained story filled with archetypes. So they’re just going to keep using this limited number of archetypes? Didn’t the Disney cartoon series have some kind of non-human character playing the role of strong man a la Chewbacca?

I was being a bit sarcastic , meant as a joke , but now that I think about it , the character of Dash Rendar , who made his debut in Shadows of The Empire , is not beyond the possibilty of showing up in the mandalorian . Dave Filoni brought a lot of old “legends” concepts back into “canon” in The Clone Wars , including the Falleen species and Black Sun who also made their debut in Shadows Of The Empire .What I am also saying is that the use of these tropes is not a new thing exclusive to Disney , they have been there for a long long time . Dash was indeed portrayed as a sarcastic rogue smuggler . There was even a character named Rik Duel in the original Marvel Star Wars comic that was basically Han with a goatee who was also a sarcastic smuggler.There are lots of other decades old examples if you look closely .